Forms of education

forms of education

The College of Dental Medicine holds postgraduate trainings for dentists, specialists in dental prosthetics, dental implant surgery, dental implant prosthetics and periodontology according to the standards of ICOI.

The trainings are conducted in the Curriculum form (44 didactic hours in two- or three-day cycles) or Master/Individual Dental Implant Surgery Internship (individual classes in weekly cycles). We have organised 32 editions of the Curriculum and 5 Master Internships so far.

The Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine collaborates with foreign entities – universities, institutes and private training centres in Europe, the United States and other areas, including: New York University; University of Cologne, Cologne, IAI International Academy for Implantology, Baden-Baden; San Jorge University in Saragossa (ADI).
The Duda Clinic College is also one of the training centres for the Master of Implantology at the Athenea Dental Institute and the Polish Dental Association.

Comprehensive implant training

Comprehensive implant training is our specialty

With compatible training modules in implantology, perio-implantology, implant prosthetics and pre-implant surgery, each participant will learn a holistic approach to implantation.