About the College

about the college

Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine – educational centre in Duda Clinic established in 2012. We have 9 years behind us: Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery Curriculum – run by dr n. med. Mariusz Duda, where the participants place their first implants independently. The other courses include the Dental Implant Prosthetics Curriculum, Perio-implantology Curriculum, Jaw Implant Surgery Curriculum or Preimplantation Surgery Curriculum. The trainings form an interdisciplinary whole of dental implant surgery education at the basic and intermediate level according to the international standards of ICOI. For the most part, all trainings involve conveyance of practical knowledge in the given scopes, many hours spent with patients as well as a huge dose of theoretical knowledge. The trainings are held in small groups of 4 to 6, which allows the trainees to interact with the person running the course continuously.

For individuals willing to expand their knowledge, the Duda Clinic College organises internships – Master and Individual editions, where a participant arrives and stays in the centre for several weeks (from 8 to 46, depending on the internship) and works under the supervision of lecturers. 
Dental implant surgery education in Poland is developing dynamically. This is why the Dental Implant Surgery Curriculum at the Duda Clinic College was established: it includes the package of Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery, Dental Implant Prosthetics Curriculum and Perio-implantology Curriculum as the foundation for education at the Master level. Moreover, in 2020 the Duda Clinic College became one of the training centres for the Athenea Dental Institute in Poland.

We have already educated nearly 150 people in dental implant surgery, placed over 180 implants during the courses, performed a lot of prosthetic pieces and perio-implantology procedures, held almost 3000 hours of lectures, workshops and clinical classes at the Duda Clinic College.
The College includes not only didactic, but also scientific activities.  Thus far, the medical team of the Duda Clinic College has drafted 25 publications and published them in Polish scientific periodicals and now it is participating in projects led by other scientific institutions.

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Comprehensive implant training

Comprehensive implant training is our specialty

With compatible training modules in implantology, perio-implantology, implant prosthetics and pre-implant surgery, each participant will learn a holistic approach to implantation.