Invitation to participate in the educational curricula at the Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

In December 2012 I started my educational activity and, simultaneously, organisational activity at the Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine.
I firmly believe that my experience in organising educational undertakings, carefully prepared training centre, recognised Polish and foreign lecturers and international support and affiliations all guarantee not only the highest training level, but also ensure the best quality – we will make sure as a team that you will obtain our knowledge in a skilled manner and be supported in the development of your professional career...

Dr n. med. Mariusz Duda is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine.

dr n. med. Mariusz Duda, visiting professor at SSU, ZSMU, USJ, specialist in dental surgery, ICOI Diplomate, expert in dental implant surgery, president of PSI, vice-president of ICOI, ICOI Europe Board

Dental implant surgeon and expert in dental implant surgery, specialist in dental surgery with over twenty years of experience in dental implant surgery – since 2000, he has devoted himself to that side of dentistry only; owner of Duda & Ingves Clinic - Implantologia, Stomatologia Estetyczna, Chirurgia Plastyczna i Medycyna Estetyczna in Katowice.  

Co-founder and the president for the next, 4th term of office at the Polish Association of Implantology, for over a dozen years the vice-president of ICOI – International Congress of Oral Implantologists for Poland. Member of the Management Board of ICOI Europe. Honorary member of DGOI – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie. 

Visiting professor at the Sumy State University, the Zaporozhe State Medical University and the San Jorge University.

Representative of Advanced Credential Comission at ICOI for Poland and international examiner for ICOI. Representative of Poland at the Ambassadors' Circle at ICOI. Foreign lecturer at ICOI.

Chief Scientific Officer and lecturer of the training cycle of the Dental Implant Surgery Curriculum at PSI, Expert of the PSI Curriculum. Organiser and Chair of the Scientific Board of International Congresses of PSI/ICOI.

Chief Scientific Officer of the Polish Master edition of Dental Implant Surgery at Athenea Dental Institute, Barcelona.

He was a lecturer in the training cycle of the Dental Implant Surgery Curriculum at the Frankfurt University and the New York University College of Dentistry - Linhart Continuing Dental Education Programme "Current Concepts in American Dentistry." 

Member of the editing body of "Implant Dentistry" in the USA. Founder and for 10 years the editor-in-chief of journal "Implantologia Stomatologiczna" (Dental Implant Surgery); scientific editor of the Polish edition of "Implantologia Stomatologiczna" (Dental Implant Surgery) by M. Block and the Polish edition of "Słownik implantologii stomatologicznej" (Dictionary of Dental Implant Surgery) by ICOI; author of a chapter in the book by I. Binderman, M. Duda, G. Hallel, R. Horowitz titled The use of autogenous dentin particulate graft for alveolar ridge preservation and augmentation following tooth extraction w Next - Generation Biomaterials For Bone& Periodontal Regeneration, by Quintessence Publishing 2019; and a chapter in the book titled Dimensión vertical oclusal DVO in Tratamiento de las maloclusiones en el plano vertical: mordidas abiertas y profundas y rotaciones del plano oclusal w Athenea Dental Institute, Barcelona 2020 

A former academic teacher, he was an assistant in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in Zabrze, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of DUDA CLINIC College of Dental Medicine, organiser of the Curriculum training cycle: Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery and Dental Implant Prosthetics, Perio-implantology, as well as the Master Dental Implant Surgery Internship.

Author of over 70 lectures in Poland and abroad, for instance in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Taiwan or Greece. Author of nearly 100 articles published in Polish and foreign scientific journals. Active organiser of congresses in Poland and abroad (Baden- Baden). Participant in over 150 congresses and trainings in Poland and abroad.

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  • Proficient knowledge of foreign languages: English, German, Russian.
  • Interests: fashion, art, car racing, travels, golf.

Comprehensive implant training

Comprehensive implant training is our specialty

With compatible training modules in implantology, perio-implantology, implant prosthetics and pre-implant surgery, each participant will learn a holistic approach to implantation.