Mission and Vision

The mission of the College of Dental Medicine is to provide postgraduate training to specialists in dental implant surgery, dental implant prosthetics and periodontics according to the standards of ICOI. Quality in education and responsibility of the lecturers for the conveyance of the best possible knowledge are prioritised in the trainings. The foundation for the high standard is harmonious balance between clinical practice at the Duda Clinic, science and education.
Support of international medical universities and scientific associations plays a key role here. 

The mission of the College of Dental Medicine will be carried out through

  • affiliations with associations and universities in Poland and in the world
  • subject-matter and practical preparation for passing the Fellowship and Diplomate exams and dissemination of the Mastership exams for dentists and dental technicians in Poland
  • using many-year experience in dental implant surgery education according to the principles of ICOI and leading to synergy by means of a common direction of activities of the PSI Polish Association of Implantology and the College of Dental Medicine as to the ICOI curricula
  • combination of the best educational traditions and the most modern knowledge conveyance techniques

Comprehensive implant training

Comprehensive implant training is our specialty

With compatible training modules in implantology, perio-implantology, implant prosthetics and pre-implant surgery, each participant will learn a holistic approach to implantation.