The Curriculum in Implant Prosthetics was substantive and fulfilled my expectations.

~Participant in the CIP, 3rd Edition – dr. Marta Piskor, DMD

The CIP was my first (except for several episodes) educational experience in the field of implantology. Only professional knowledge was communicated. I found the practical classes most valuable. Both training methods and atmosphere encouraged me to continue my education at Duda Clinic :-)

~Participant in the CIP, 1st Edition – dr. Ewa Grzywna, DMD

An absorbing course with interesting clinical cases that increase your knowledge of implant prosthetics...

~Participant in the CIP, 2nd Edition

I would like to recommend the CIP at Duda Clinic College of Dental Medicine to everyone interested in this kind training. Both theoretical and practical classes conducted by dr. Mariusz Duda are of the highest standard. It enabled me to obtain and systematize the theoretical knowledge of implantology, and the clinical work supervised by dr. Mariusz Duda prepared me to perform implant procedures in my dental practice.

~Participant in the CIP, 2nd Edition – dr. Marcin Batura, DMD

High-quality training in terms of both theory and practice. The form of training was completely satisfactory (a small group of participants). Topics covered in the course acquaint you with the subject of implantology so you can start working on your own. Many thanks to the whole team for full professionalism, organization and willingness to share as much knowledge as possible.

~Participant in the CIP, 4th Edition

A well-organized and professional course. We had a possibility to perform both assisted and unassisted procedures in a variety of anatomical conditions under the watchful eye of dr. Duda. I would recommend this course to physicians wishing to start implant treatment in their patients.

~Participant in the CIP, 4th.2 Edition

A really professional and intensive course which gives a lot of useful knowledge and clinical competence that will undoubtedly help you start an adventure with implantology.

~Participant in the CIP, 4th.3 Edition

I recommend this course to general dentists who want to gain additional experience in implantology. I particularly took to the practical part with patients. The greatest experience can be obtained in practice under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Both theoretical and practical classes were conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. After the course, I will definitely begin my adventure with implantology.

~Participant in the CIP, 4th.5 Edition

The course on implant prosthetics at Duda Clinic has greatly contributed to my knowledge. The training was carefully prepared with a leaning toward practice during which we could observe the subsequent stages of work. I hope to use the acquired knowledge in my daily practice. I am also impressed with the interior of the clinic, thoughtful and functional solutions. Thank you.

~Participant in the CIP, 4rd Edition

The course went beyond my greatest expectations. A lot of valuable advice, not just about implantology. A positive atmosphere. I will definitely recommend it to other doctors.

~Participant in the CIP, 5th Edition - Piotrek

A well-organized and comprehensive course both in theory and practice. After the course, you can start implant treatment in your own office. An excellent instructor with great knowledge and communication skills. I am fully satisfied, thank you.

~Participant in the CIP, 5th Edition - Grzegorz

I warmly recommend this course. First and foremost, a unique atmosphere let us overcome our barriers and fear of implantation. Knowledge is conveyed in a simple and understandable way. Today, we feel sad that this is the last day ...

~Participant in the CIP, 5th Edition - Magdalena

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